Operating hours are from 8.00am to 5.00pm


What happens at preschool?


Preschool is all about learning through open ended play and structured play activities that allow children to develop at their own pace. Whether your child is finger painting, building a block castle, or singing with other kids, preschool helps your child increase their experiences, abilities and knowledge.

We offer both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as opportunities for solo and group play.

Indoor activities often include:

  • painting and pasting

  • clay or playdough play

  • puzzles and games

  • blocks and construction

  • books and sensory activities.

Outdoor activities often include:

  • play in the sandpit

  • exploring a natural landscape

  • construction

  • water play

  • dramatic play

  • excursions

Group times often include:

  • stories and poetry

  • dancing and singing

  • playing with musical instruments

  • drama and acting

  • show and tell.

Preschool doesn’t usually involve teaching children specific academic skills. This starts happening at school.

A Service You Can Trust



At KiddyHawk preschool (also known as family day care) children socialise and learn through play – and they usually have a lot of fun!


  • get new knowledge and skills through play and activities with other children – for example, they start learning more about numbers, letters and words

  • improve their communication skills through interactions with others

  • learn social skills like listening and respecting the ideas of others, sharing and handling conflicts with peers

  • make new friends and develop new relationships with adults

  • develop responsibility, independence, confidence and self-worth through doing things like looking after their own belongings and spending time away from home.